Cloth Jewellery


It is the needle attached to the cloth for ornamental purposes. It is made of a solid metal or with the combination of metal and stone and is generally oval, square, rectangular shaped. Besides the plant and geometric ornaments made with a Repousse technique; they may be ornamented with human or animal relief. (They are thought to be developed from fibula).


Name:A Brooch
Location where it came from:Yapraklı
Way of Coming:Purchase
Dimensions:D: 3.25 cm Thick.:0.6cm
PeriodThe 4th century BC

The disk shaped brooch is surrounded with node, knitted and flat filigreed. There is a plant ornament on the wide frieze between the frame and the rosette. The frame of the rosette in dome shape in the middle is ornamented with semi - circles looking to the internal side. After the six heart motifs in the middle, there are two rosettes having six leaves one on the other. There is a big sphere between them. The leaves of the two rosettes in the middle of the brooch, whose entire ornament shows filigreed workmanship are mounted being cut from thin golden sheet. The brooch has a wide handle on the back side. Beside being used as a brooch, we see that the brows of some pendulum earrings are also made in this form in 3rd century BC. .

Name:A Brooch
Location where it came from:Nizip
Way of Coming:Purchase
Dimensions::L: 4.4cm W:2.4cm
Weight:3.37 gr
Period:The Hellenistic Period

An oval golden plate with two ears on the short edges is bent in the form of a bow. An eye is placed under each of the ears. The perimetres of the brooch and the eyes are surrounded with a grooved filigreed frame. The plate is divided into two longitudinally in the middle with a hair knit motif. On one side of the narrow edge, there is an ivy leaf around which a thin, flat wire is passed at the end of the hair knit, on the external side. Its barrette on the rear side is missing.
Name:a Brooch
Type:Gold and sardonix
Location where it came from:Tokat, Darıdere
Way of Coming:Purchase
Period:The Roman period

It is a golden disk with a cameo in the middle. There are four golden spheres on the axis of the one in the most inner side of the three filigreed frames placed with intervals one inside the other. There are ornaments, which could not be determined, on the friezes between the frames with a repousse technique. The frieze between the cameo and the last frame is smooth. The cameo is mounted to the disk by tightening the wings of the slot made of gold of low fineness. The cameo and its surrounding may have been mounted later. The backside of the brooch is flat and two wide rings having two bands are soldered on two small square plates. There is a male bust turned to right with a laurel wreath on head on the cameo.

Location where it came from:Siirt
Way of Coming:Not known
Dimensions::D:2.1cm H:3.9cm
Weight:3.4 gr.
Period:The 2-3rd century AD

It is a disk made of a thick golden sheet, in the form of a wide, flat edged hat with the middle part bumped. One hole on both sides of this bump must belong to a wreath that is not existent today. There is one bud shaped pendulum at each of the ends of the short chains attached to three fixed rings on the lower edge.