Hand-Arm Jewellery


The first samples are made of stone. Besides half bracelets, bracelets made of golden coated bronze or only silver and bronze and then glass have also been found. It is understood from the sculptures and relief that the men had also worn bracelets. In the 2nd thousand BC, bronze and silver bracelets have been made in Anatolia in simple forms and in gross amounts.


Name:A Bracelet (pair)
Location where it came from:Alacahöyük
Way of Coming:Exc. find
Dimensions:D: 5.8 cm
Weight:37 gr
Period The Ancient Bronze Age

It is made on internal mould. The internal side of the bracelet is flat and the external side is convex. The internal side is heated and its sides are filed and combined with the convex edge. The external side is ornamented with small projections and lines separating them from each other. The bracelet numbered 11270 is a bit smaller in comparison with the other and has a hole on it. This hole may be used for discharging the mould. This hole is closed in the bracelet numbered 11719.

Name:A Bracelet (with lion head)
Location where it came from:Gordion A tumulus
Way of Coming:Excavation
Dimensions::Thick.:0.7cm D:7.5x6.5cm
Period:The 6th century BC

Lion heads are soldered to the separate ends of the empty, round pipe shaped bracelet. The ears of the lion are taut and its mouth is closed. Its moustaches are shown in the form of three lines, its chin is round. It is connected to the bracelet with the rings on the neck.


Name:A Bracelet
Location where it came from:Yozgat
Way of Coming:Not known
Dimensions::D:7.2-6.8cm Thick.:0.5-0.6cm
Weight:76 gr.
Period:The 4th century BC

It is solid, grooved, round sectioned with its ends open and the lower parts slightly bumped.


Name:A Bracelet
Type:Gold and silver
Location where it came from:Balıesir, Susurluk, Yahyaköy
Way of Coming:Confiscation
Dimensions::H:.6.5cm W:6cm
Weight:74.15 gr.
Period:The 3rd century BC

A round sectioned bracelet part is made of solid silver and calf heads made of a golden sheet are placed on the ends.


Name:A Ring
Location where it came from:Giresun, Bulancak
Way of Coming:Grave find
Dimensions::D:4.5 cm W:0.9cm
Weight:7.25 gr.
Period:The 1st century AD

It is in band shape consisting of two parts and the parts are hinged to each other. A hinge lock is connected to the body with a small chain. It is ornamented with three lines of granules. It is a chilren’s bracelet.