Artefacts Stolen From Topkapı Palace Museum

9/20 PANEL

Dimension: 0.52 x 0.42
The monogram belongs to Mahmud I. it is gilded on white paper; the sides and spaces between are illuminated. The floral motifs on the front and on the back are golden gilded on blâck background. There is a glass över the golden gilded wooden frame. Below, within a gilded rectangular form an Arabic couplet is inscribed with white. it is worn out. Only the frame is seen. Interior measurement of the frame: 36.5 x 48 cm.

9/22 PANEL

Dimension: 0.45 x 0.33
The monogram 'Ahmet Salis' is inscribed with golden gild on white papcr. The spaces between them are illuminated. On the front. the sides are green and red flowered with corner piece; on the exterior border it is decorated with blue and gilded flowers on white. în the middle of the bottom part, an Arabic couplet is inscribed with white. The frame is golden gilded with glass.


Dimension: 0.32 x 0.24
The paper is attached on wood. The monogram of Ahmed III is inscribed with golden gild on black background. The spaces between them are decorated with gilded flowers on pink, red, and blue colours. On the front of the monogram, flower and Kaaba pictures are made with various colours within coloured floral motifs. An Arabic inscription is written with white on golden gilding. The frame is golden gilded with glass. The back part is with glass paper.


Dimension: 3.30 x 1.43
A part measuring 137 cm in the middle is white; the sides are bordered with various colours between two lines. The upper and two heads of the border are decorated with floral designs with oval and hanging flowers; all these flowers are adorned with intricate forms with their heads curved. On the four corners of the central white part, there are four panels with flowers and leavcs surrounding the forms with curved heads. The sides are partially worn out. it is corroded.


Dimension: 3.15 x 1.39
The centre is white; the two heads and sides are decorated with red and green colours while the bottom is adorned with oval and hanging motifs with curved heads having white contours. it has a single border. There are panels on each side of the centre bearing the motifs on the edges. it is worn out.


Dimension: Height 0.39
The surrounding relief flowers are partially broken which is within a golden gilded oval frame. A verse is inseribed in the form of monogram on the black background. The sides and centre are decorated with various water coloured and gilded floral motifs; an Arabic inseription takes place within a flower on a corner. The frame and the glass are broken.


Dimension: Height 0.44
A verse of the Sura of Victory is inseribed in the form of monogram with golden gilding on green fabric and attaehed. A white rose depiction is attached on the front part. The sides are also decorated with relief roses. The wooden frame with glass is oval and golden gilded; floral designs are carved on the two sides. The signature is seen within a glass on the bottom part.


The wooden frame which has golden gilded corner piece is carved in the form of braid. The monogram of Abdulhamid I is inseribed with gilding on a paper. it is surrounded with flowers made with watercolour. There is an Arabic inseription on the bottom part. ît is partially worm-eaten.