Short-story writer and novelist (b. 1862, İstanbul - d. 6 August 1893). After attending the administrative (1880) and advanced department (1884) of the Military School and War Academy (1886), he became a staff captain. He worked as mathematics, military engineering and topography teacher at military schools. As the Chief of General Staff, he stayed in Syria for two years. After he returned to İstanbul with tuberculosis he stayed in Haydarpaşa Military Hospital. Although he received medical treatment he died in the hospital. His grave is in Karacaahmet.

Nabizade Nazım, who began his writing with poetry and whose first work was a poetry book, was among the pioneers of realism in Turkish literature with his novel Zehra (Zehra) and his novella Karabibik (Karabibik) in which village life was narrated for the first time. He was one of the first writers on the review Servet-i Fünun in which his first short story, Seyyie-i Tesamuh (Harm of Tolerance), was published. After his death, Zehra (Zehra), which is regarded as the first example of a realist novel in Turkish literature, was also serialized in this review (1895).


POETRY: Heves Ettim (I Desired, 1885), Mini Mini Yahut Yine Heves Ettim (Diminutive or Again I Desired, 1886).

SHORT STORY:Yadigarlarım (My Souvenirs, novella, 1886), Zavallı Kız (Poor Girl, 1889), Bir Hatıra (A Memoir, 1890), Karabibik (Karabibik, 1891, 1944), Sevda (Love, 1891), Hala Güzel (Still Beautiful, 1891), Haspa (Minx, 1891), Seyyie-i Tesamüh (Harm of Tolerance, 1891, with his other stories by Aziz Behiç Serengil, 1961).

NOVEL: Zehra (Zehra, 1896).