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Writer (b. 1913, Hacıbektaş / Nevşehir- d. 1973, Ankara). He used the pen name Harmandalıoğlu in some of his work. He graduated from Primary Teachers Training School. He worked as a teacher in various village schools, as a relief head teacher and worked at the Ankara National Library. His stories and articles that he wrote about village life were published in Yağmur and Toprak (1948-51, 26 issues) both of which he published, and in the reviews, Yeni Adım, Ülkü, Yeryüzü, Yön, Eylem, Yeni Gün), and Forum (1966-70).


SHORT STORY: Harman Yangını, (Harvest Fire, 1946)

FABLE: Hayvan Masalları (Animal Tales, 1958)

RESEARCH: Doğuda Kıtlık Vardı (There was Famine in the East, 1965)

INTERVIEW: Ezilen Doğu (Crushing the East, 1969)