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AYTAÇ, Gürsel

Researcher, writer and critic (b. 27 August 1940, Eskişehir). She is the wife of Prof. Kemal Aytaç. She attended the Kurtuluş Primary School, Ankara High School for Girls (1958), and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of German Language and Literature and Department of Latin Language and Literature. In 1962, she became an assistant at the Department of German Language and Literature. Her master’s thesis was “H. Hesse’nin ‘Boncuk Oyunu’nda Varolma ve Oluş” (Being Existent and Existence in the “Play of Beads” by H. Hesse, 1986). She received her doctorate degree at the same faculty (1966), and became an associate professor (1971) and a professor (1976). At the same faculty, she became the head of department. She conducted researches in Marburg and Köln on scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service and Humboldt Foundation. As a member of the executive board of the International Germanists Association, she made presentations in Basel, Göttingen, Tokyo and Vienna Congresses. She attended in the Heinrich Böll Symposium in Hungary with a communiqué.

His critics and research articles were published in Yazko Edebiyat, Yazko, Somut reviews in addition to those of under his general publication directorship: Gündoğan Edebiyat, Çağdaş Eleştiri, Cumhuriyet Kitap, Gösteri, etc.. He translated many works from German. He collected the Austria Government Literary Translation Award. He is a member of Turkish PEN Writers Association, the Professional Association of Scientific and Literary Work Owners of Turkey and the Turkish Authors Association.


STUDY-RESEARCH: Die Glückseligkeit in Wielands “Geschichte des Agathon” (The Luck Blessedness in country "history of the Agathon" 1971), Thomas Mann’ın “Der Zauderberg” ve “Lotte in Weimar” Romanlarındaki Edebî Kişiliği (Thomas Mann’s Literary Personality in his Novels “The Zauderberg” and “Lottary in Weimar”, 1972), Yeni Alman Edebiyatı Tarihi (History of the New German Literature, 1973), Romancı Yönüyle Heinrich Böll (Heinrich Böll as a Novelist, 1975), Çağdaş Alman Edebiyatı Tarihi (History of Contemporary German Literature, 1978), Çağdaş Türk Romanları Üzerine İncelemeler (Studies on Contemporary Turkish Novels, 1990), Edebiyat Yazıları I (Essays on Literature I, 1990), Edebiyat Yazıları II (Essays on Literature II, 1991), Edebiyat Yazıları III (Essays on Literature III, 1995), Karşılaştırmalı Edebiyat Bilimi (The Science of Comparative Literature, 1997), Genel Edebiyat Bilimi (The Science of General Literature, 1999), Edebiyat Dünyası (The World of Literature, 2000), Edebiyat Yazıları 1995-2000 (Essays on Literature 1995-2000, 2001), Edebiyat ve Medya (Literature and Media, 2002).

COLLECTION: Denemeler Seçkisi (An Anthology of Essays, 1990), Öykü Seçkisi (An Anthology of Stories, 1991), Mektup Seçkisi (An Anthology of Letters, 1992), Gezi Notları Seçkisi (An Anthology of Travel-Notes, 1994), Doğumunun 350. Yılında Goethe (Goethe in his 350th Birthday, 1999), Çağdaş Dünya Edebiyatı Çeviri Seçkisi (An Anthology of Translations from Contemporary World Literature, 1999).

Besides, she made translations from T. Mann, H. Hesse, M. Frisch, Goethe and F. Nietzsche.