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AYSAN, Behçet

Poet (b. 1949, Ankara - d. 1993, Sivas). He graduated from Kuleli Military High School (1967) While at Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine during the 12 May period he was arrested for political reasons. On his release from detention he became a psychiatry specialist (1984). He worked for the Turkish News Agency and Yankı review. He worked as a doctor after he graduated but lost his life in the fire at the Madımak Hotel in Sivas. He published his poems from 1979 in Türk Dili, Yarım, Düşün, Broy, Gösteri, Show and other reviews. He won the 1984 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Poetry Award with Sesler ve Küller (Sounds and Ashes), the 1986 Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Award with Eylül (September) that he had prepared for publishing and the Abdi İpekçi Peace and Friendship Award in 1986 with Deniz Feneri (The Lighthouse). An honor book was published in his name by the Turkish Authors Association in 1993.


Karşı Gece (The Counter Night, 1983), Sesler ve Küller (Sounds and Ashes, 1984), Deniz Feneri (The Lighthouse, 1986), Eylül (September, 1988), Şiirler (Poems, 1990), Bütün Şiirleri (All poems, 1990), El Yazıları (Hand Writing, poems, 1990), Düello (Duel, 1994).