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AYGEN, Reşat Enis

Novelist (b. 1909, İstanbul – d. 12 January, 1984). He attended the İstanbul High School for Boys (1928). After studying at İstanbul High Commercial School, he took up journalism as a judicial reporter (1930). He worked in the newspapers Milliyet, Son Dakika, Cumhuriyet, Yeni İstanbul and in the Anadolu Agency.

While his novel Despot (Despotic) was being serialized in the newspaper Cumhuriyet, an investigation was filed on him and he acquitted (1957). In his novels, he wrote about tragedy realities of life, with a lyric and effective narration. His works have been re-published by Evrensel Publications since 2002.


SHORT STORY: Kılıcımı Sürüyorum (I’m Sharpening My Sword, 1930).

NOVEL: Kanun Namına (On Behalf of Law, 1932), Gong Vurdu (The Bell Rang, 1933), Gece Konuştu (The Night Talked, 1935), Afrodit Buhurdanında Bir Kadın (A Woman in the Censer of Aphrodite, 1939), Toprak Kokusu (Smell of Earth, 1944), Ekmek Kavgamız (Our Struggle for Bread, 1947), Ağlama Duvarı (Crying Wall, 1949), Yol Geçen Hanı (Inn Open to Everybody, 1952), Despot (Despotic, 1957), Sarı İt (Blonde Dog, 1968).