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AYEL, Edip

Poet (b. 23 August 1894, İstanbul – d. 17 January 1957). He graduated from Galatasaray High School and the Paris Advanced Agriculture School (1914). When he returned to Turkey after working in various jobs, he worked as a French teacher in various schools. (1922-55). Ayel, who won the first rank in a poetry competition in Paris in 1938, wrote poems in Turkish and French.

As well as being regarded as one of the period’s pioneers of neo-classicism with his poems in prosodic meter and written according to the rules of classical Ottoman poetry, he also attracted attention as a poet with his adaptations of the Western verse style to Turkish poetry. He prepared two poetry books containing French poems.

WORKS (Poetry):

Mozayik (Mosaic, 1944), Şehrayin (Merriness, 1953).