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AYCIN, Hasan

Caricaturist and writer (b. 20 September 1955, Aslıhantepecik / Balıkesir). He attended primary school in his village. He studied Balıkesir İmam Hatip School (1974), The Academy of Bursa Economics and Commercial Sciences (1980). He has still been working as a caricaturist and graphic designer.

His first drawing was published in the Yenidevir Newspaper (3 February 1978). Starting from that that till today, his works were published in the Yenidevir, Millî gazete, Zaman, Yeni Şafak Newspapers also including with the reviews Mavera, Yönelişler, Inquiry (the United Kingdom), Aylık Dergi, İslâm, Kadın ve Aile, Gülçocuk, Yedi İklim, Kayıtlar, Kardelen and Hece. He published Kayıtlar review in 1990 with a group of his friends. This review was published till 1994. Recently, in addition working as an illustrator, he has also written fairy-tales under the title of Keloğlan and eight of his autobiographies under the general title Müşahedât (Internal Observation) which were published in Yedi İklim Review.


CARICATURE: (Album): Bocurgat (Capstan, 1989), Gece Yürüyüşü (Night Walk, 1994), Âsâ (The Stick, 1998).

FAIRY-TALE: Alpembecik Gülpembecik (Red Pinky, Rose Pinky, 2002), Ayna (The Mirror, 2002), Billur Sürahi (Crystal Carafe, 2002), Elmas Yüzük (The Diamond Ring, 2002), İncili Çevre (Pearl-made Ambience, 2002).