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AVCI, Nabi

Poet and writer (b. 8 October 1953, Bilecik). He attended Eskişehir Maarif College (1971) and graduated from the Middle Eastern Technical University, Faculty of Administrational Sciences (1978). He began his professional career at the Ministry of Culture in 1975. After 1977, he worked at the Embassy of Copenhagen for two years. In 1979, he became an assistant at Anadolu University. He became a doctor there in 1986, and later an associate professor and then a professor. He still gives lectures at İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communication and works as the First Consultant to the Prime Minister (2003).

Besides these duties, he was one of the founders of the reviews Deneme (1969-72) and Gelişme (1972-74) when he was a student. In 1979, he established the Yeryüzü Publishing House together with İsmet Özel, Ahmet Kot and Bekir Şahin. He worked as the consultant to the general director at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (1986-87), publishing consultant at the newspaper Zaman (1986-87), consultant to the Ministry of National Education (1988-92), consultant to the Prime Minister (1990-91), broadcasting consultant at Channel 7 (1995-98) and editor-in-chief at the newspaper Yeni Şafak. He produced and presented the television program 360 Derece (360 Degrees) on Channel 7.

His poems and articles appeared in the newspapers and reviews Hareket (1968), Deneme (1970-73), Gelişme (1973-75), Mavera (1980), Yeni Devir (1977-80), Millî Gazete (1986), Zaman (1986-87), Albatros (1988), Türkiye Kültür ve Sanat Yıllığı, Millî Eğitim, Türk Yurdu, Aktüel (weekly) and Türkiye Günlüğü. He has written on foreign politics with the pen name Enes Harman in the newspaper Yeni Devir. He has also used the pen name Veysel Vedat. His poems, which attracted great interest in the reviews, have not been collected in a book.


TURKISH: Türk Dili Batı Edebiyatı' ndan Seçmeler (Selections from Turkish Language Western Literature, 1986), Düşünce ve Uygarlık Tarihi (History of Thought and Civilization, 3 volumes, in collaboration with S. H. Bolay, 1987), İletişim Düşüncesinin Gelişimi Eğitim Öğretim Boyutlarıyla Bir Model Denemesi (Development of the Idea of Communication, An Essay on a Model with Educational Aspects, 1988), Evvel Zaman İçinde (Once Upon a Time, with the pen name Molla Kasım, humorous articles, Information Society Challenge for Education Policies, 1989), Bombacı Parmenides (Bomber Parmenides, 1989), Kitle Kültürü ve Enformatik Cehalet (Mass Culture and Informational Ignorance, 1990).

ENGLISH: Bilgi Toplumunun Türk Eğitim Politikasına Meydan Okuyuşu (Information Society Challenge for (Turkish) Education Policies 1989), Bilgi Toplumu Üzerine Ulusal Rapor (National Report on Information Society 1989), Türkiye'de Uzaktan Eğitim, Bilgi Toplumu 5 Çalışma Başlığı (Distance Education in Turkey, the Information Society Five Case Studies 1989).

In addition, he has translated the works of Martin Lings, H. Nedvi, S. H. Nasr, Guenon and Tevfik El Hakim.