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ATMACA, Tayfun

Researcher and writer (b. 20 February 1962, Elazığ). He attended primary and secondary school in Balıkesir and high school in Ankara. He graduated from the Anatolian University, Faculty of Management and Baku State University, Department of International Relations where he completed his master’s and PhD theses (1997-2001). For many years, he worked as a journalist in various press agencies, foreign news agencies, as the Presidential correspondent, as the Azerbaijan representative for a private TV channel and served as a the Baku correspondent for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (1986-1997). After returning to Turkey, he worked as a correspondent responsible for Middle Asia News in the department of Foreign Broadcasting at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, as a press advisor to the Presidency of the Turkish Solidarity and Development Administration and beginning in 2004 he served as the Albanian Representative of the Presidency of the Turkish Solidarity and Development Administration.

His articles have been published in Bilge, Yüce Erek, Yeni Avrasya, Forum, Stratejik Araştırmalar Dosyası, Yeni Avrasya reviews starting in 1998. In 1993 he won the Achievement Award of the Kuwait Embassy in Turkey with his reports about the Iraq region. He is a member of the Ankara Journalist Association, the Association of Writers and Artists of the Turkic World.


RESEARCH-STUDY: 20.Yüzyıl Sonunda Azerbaycan-Türkiye Münasebetleri /1993-1998 (The Relationship Between Azerbaijan and Turkey at the end of 20th Century /1993-1998, 1999), Küreselleşme Çağında Türkiye - Azerbaycan (Turkey and Azerbeycan in Globalization, 2003).

EDITION: Türkistan’ın Piri Hoca Ahmet Yesevi (The Spiritual Guide to Turkistan, Hodja Ahmet Yesevi, 2000), Ortadoğu’dan Esintiler (The Breezes from the Middle East, 2003).