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ATİLHAN, Cevat Rıfat

Military man and writer (b. 1892, İstanbul - d. 4 February 1967). He was the grandson of Hurşit Paşa, one of the principals of Bosnia-Herzagovina and was the son of Hasan Rıfat Paşa, the district governor of Damascus. He attended Kuleli Military High School and the War School. He was wounded and captured in the Balkan War, in which he had participated as a lieutenant (1912). He fought on the front in Palestine during the World War I, and on the front of Zonguldak Bartın-Ereğli during the Independence War. He was honored with 19 medals for his military achievements.

After leaving the army, he embarked on writing and published thousands of articles in many newspapers and reviews, including Bugün and Sebilür-reşad. He wrote 76 books of research related to the Independence War, Turkish and world politics, religious affairs, freemasonry, Judaism and Zionism. He was the founder of National Development Party and Islamic Democrat Party.


Bir Facianın İçyüzü (Inside a Disaster, 1929), Sina Cephesinde Yahudi Casuslar (Jewish Spies on the Sinai Front, 1933), Yahudi Casusu Suzi Liberman (Suzi Liberman, the Jewish Spy, 1935), Dünya Nazarında Yahudilik ve Masonluk (Judaism and Freemasonry in World Opinion, 1955), Tarihin Önünde ve İlmin Işığında 31 Mart Faciası (The Rebellion of March 31st in History and Science, 1956), Medeniyetin Batışı (Collapse of the Civilization, 1963), İstiklal Harbinde Sarıklı Kahramanlar (Heroes with Sarık* in the Independence War, 1967), Bütün Açıklığı ile İnönü Savaşları ve Hakiki Kahramanlar (Wars of İnönü with Facts and the Real Heroes, 1968), Menemen Hadisesinin İçyüzü (Inside the Event of Menemen, 1968), Tarihte ve Günümüzde Masonluk (Freemasonry in History and Today, 1969), İğneli Fıçı (Troublesome Situation, 1973), Dünya İstilacıları (Invaders of the World, 1973).