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ATASOY, Ahmet Emin

Poet (b. 1944, Krepçe village / Ruse / Bulgaria). He started higher education at the Şumen Institute of Higher Education and completed his studies at Sofia University, Department of Turcology. He worked as a teacher in his village for a long time. He worked at the Turkish Department at Sofia Radio for a while. He was also one of the oppressed Turkish intellectuals at that time (particularly between 1985 and 1986). He was arrested and questioned. He joined the many migrants in 1989 and came to Turkey. He settled in Bursa and worked as a teacher. He used syllabic meter in his poems or a long time, but later he adopted free meter.

WORKS (Poetry):

Sensizliğimle Başbaşa (Alone with Absence of You, Sofia, 1968), Yüreğimde Şirin Tuna Aktıkça (As the Sweet Danube Flows in my Heart, 1994), Duygu Burgacı (Whirlpool of Emotions, 1998), Rüzgarların Küstürdüğü Yapraklar (Leaves Offended by the Wind, 1998), Perdeledim Penceremi Geceye (I Curtained My Window against the Night, 1998), Aşkın Yaşı Yok (Love Has no Age, 1999), Damla Damla (Drop by Drop, 1999), Sevgi Denizi (Sea of Love, children’s poetry, İstanbul, 2001).