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ATAÖV, Türkkaya

Researcher and writer (b. 1932, Gallipoli / Çanakkale.) His first name Türkkaya was given by the Interior Affairs Minister of Atatürk era Şükrü Kaya, to make his name rhymed with his own name. After attending the İstanbul Robert College (1951), he studied at Syracuse University, Department of International Relations and New York University Department of Economics. He received his doctorate degree from Syracuse University (United States, 1959). After returning home, he began to work at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences and conducted researches as an associate professor and as a professor under Chair of International Relations at the same university.

In the following years he gave lectures at Syracuse, Harvard, John Hopkins, and Nehru Universities. He attended more then a hundred international conferences with communiqués. Between 1970 and 1972, he worked in the cadre of Soviet Sciences Academy. He has been a member and director of several international organizations such as United Nations International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (1976), International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and International Committee against Terrorism. He studied on racism, terrorism, nuclear war, Palestine Human Rights and war prisoners. Most of his books, including his ten books on painting, were published abroad. He was also engaged in painting and held painting exhibitions.

Major newspapers and reviews at home and abroad, where Türkkaya Ataöv’s articles concerning diverse international setbacks have been published newspaper and reviews since 1948 are: Cumhuriyet, Milliyet, Vatan, Politika, Demokrat, Güneş, Barış, Halkçı, Yeni Ulus, Dünya, Yeni Asır, The T. Daily News, The Statesman (Bombay), Journal de Genevre (Geneva), Nation (Nairobi). Reviews: Ankara University Journal of Political Sciences Faculty, Journal of Turkish Grand National Assembly, The Turkish Yearbook of International Relations, Sanat Çevresi, Ankara Sanat, Sanat, Yön, Sosyal Adalet, Devrim, Öğretmen Dünyası, Briefiny, Bilim ve Sanat, The Middle East International, The Economist, Medjunarodna Politika (Belgrade), Internationale Politik, Tendenzen (Munich), Democratic World (New Delhi), Crescent, Art and Poetry Today, Proche Orient et Tiers-Monde (Paris), Prisma (Havana), Lumea (Bucharest). He wrote in about ninety seven local and foreign reviews and newspapers. His articles have been translated into approximately twenty languages.

Ataöv has been recognized writer, who has greatest number of articles about Turkish-Armenian relations in the world. He attended two Paris courts, four European Parliament meetings and thirty-three United Nations sessions as a specialist of the field. With his book 11 Eylül: Terörle Savaş mı Bahane mi? (September Eleven: is it the Struggle against Terror or a Pretext?), he analyzed the United States from a critical perspective. Professor Ataöv, who undertook several responsibilities in the frame of United Nations, was given sixteen medals and awards. Among these awards were United Nations Peace Award, Bophuthatswana University Specialty on Africa, (the former federal republic of) Yugoslavia Golden Wreath, Italian Chivalry, Specialty on Minorities from three Balkan States, Palestinian Honor Medal, Russian Science Academy and the Cuba Felix Elmuza Award.


Sovyetler Birliği Devlet İdaresi (State Governance in the Soviet Union, 1961), Amerikan Belgeleriyle Amerikan Emperyalizminin Doğuşu (Birth of the American Imperialism in the American Documents, 1968), Afrika’ da Ulusal Kurtuluş Mücadeleleri (Struggles of National Independence in Africa, 1975), Nazım Hikmet’in Hasreti (Longing of Nazım Hikmet, 1976), Eşref Üren (Eşref Üren, 1980), A Brief Glance at the Armenian Question (1984), Siyonizm ve Irkçılık (Zionism and Racism), Kudüs ve Devletler Hukuku (Jerusalem and the Law of States), Bilimsel Araştırma El Kitabı (Pamphlet of Scientific Research), İkinci Cihan Savaşı (the Second World War), Turkish Foreign Policy; 1939-1945, Silahsızlanmanın Gereği (Incentive of Disarmament), Amerika NATO ve Türkiye (The United States, NATO and Turkey), Ermeni Sorunu: Bibliyografya (Armenian Question: A Bibliography), Turkish Painting, Pictura Turka (Turkish Painting, Bucharest), L’Utilization des Caux Palestiniennes et la Droit International (Using the Case of Palestinians and the International Right, Quebec), The Independent Personality of the Palestinians Through Their Arts (London), Zionism and Racism (New York), The Case of South Africa (London), The Andonian “Documents”, Attributed to Talat Paşa, Area Forgeries, A “Statement” Wrongly Attiributed to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Muzaffer Akyol (Muzaffer Akyol, in collaboration with A. Mengüç, A. Kazancıgil, T. S. Halman and İ. Tunalı, 2002), Nazım Hikmet’in Hasreti (Longing of Nazım Hikmet, 2002), 11 Eylül: Terörle Savaş mı Bahane mi? (September Eleven: is it the Struggle against Terror or a Pretext?, 2004).

His works, either one or two sheets, or seven hundred pages, count up to more than one hundred twenty five, including the academic publications.