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Doctor and writer (b. 10 January 1930, Adapazarı). He attended Kabataş High School (1948) and graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Medicine (1955). He worked as a health specialist at various health institutions (1962). He served as the General Director of the Social Insurance Institution (1974-75), the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Security (1975) and the Chairman of the Turkish Medical Association (1964-84). After the military coup on 12 September 1980, he was tried by the Peace Association with other members and was sent to prison for four years (1982-86), but later he was acquitted. After he was released, he collected the İstanbul Chamber of Doctors Peace Award (1986).

He attracted great public attention with his essays on social medicine and social problems. His articles were published in newspapers and reviews, such as Milliyet, Cumhuriyet, Toplum and Bilim ve Sanat.


Alkol ve İnsan (Alcohol and Man, 1982), İnsan Sıcağı (Warmness of People, 1987), Sözüm Sanadır (I am Talking to You, 1987), Kendi Yurdunda Sürgünsün (You are Exile in Your Homeland, 1988), Kışkırtılmış Erkeklik-Bastırılmış Kadınlık (Provoked Maleness-Suppressed Femaleness, 1988), Kuşatılmış Gençlik (Surrounded Youth, 1989), Gençlik Duvarları Yıkıyor (Youth Brings the Walls Down, 1990), Kırmızı Işıkta Yürümek (Walking in Red Light, 1991), Belki de Sensin (Perhaps It is You, 1991), Cinsellikten İkmale Kalmak (Failure in Sexual Life, 1992), Çocuklar Büyükler ve Tavşanlar (Children, Adults and Rabbits, 1994), Hayatımız ve Değerlerimiz (Our Life and Values, 1999), Bizim Duygusal Zekâmız (Our Emotional Intelligence, 1999), Erken Büyüyen Çocuklar (Children Growing up Early, 2002).

ATABİNEN, Reşid Safvet

Historian and diplomat (b. 4 September 1884, İstanbul – d. 2 February 1965). He was the son of Tosyalı Mustafa Safvet Bey. He attended Kadıköy Saint Joseph Private French High School (1900) and graduated from Paris University, Faculty of Political Sciences (1902). He worked as a translator at the Monopoly Administration, as a writer at the newspaper Levant Herald and as a first-secretary and undersecretary at the embassies in Bucharest, Washington, Madrid and Tehran. He served as the Principal Clerk of the Ministry of Finance (1912), member of the Council of State (1917), general secretary at the Lausanne Conference (1922) and advisor at the Eastern Countries French Bank (1928). He was elected as a parliamentary deputy twice between the years 1927 and 1934. In 1923, he established the Turkish Touring Automotive Foundation, where he was the chairman for forty-one years. He worked as the general secretary of the Cultural Council of the Turkish Guilds. In 1928, his suggestion of a reform in Turkish numbers, in parallel to the reform in the Turkish alphabet, was accepted. In 1931, he participated in the establishment of the Turkish Historical Society.

Atabinen, who also wrote some of his works in French, published the review Economiste d'Orient. He wrote forty book and a thousand articles in Turkish and French.


L'Effort Ottoman (The Efforts of the Ottomans, Paris 1906), L'Agitation Bulgare (The Protest of the Bulgarians, Paris 1907), Mélanges Littéraires et Politique (Fusion of Literature and Politics, 3 volumes, 1906-1911), Les Turcs de Perse (The Iranian Turks, Bucharest, 1911), Osmanlı Tarih-i Malî Dersleri (Lessons on Ottoman Financial History, İstanbul, 1913), Siyasî Levhalar (Political Symbols, Turan and Sabah, İstanbul, 1914-1918), L'Occupation de Smyrne (The Occupation of İzmir, Geneva 1919), Turcs et Arméniens (The Turks and the Armenians, 2 volumes, Geneva, 1919), Türklük ve Türkçülük İzleri (Being Turk and Traces of Turks, Ankara, 1930), Avrupa'da Eski Türkler (Ancient Turks in Europe, Ankara, 1931), Çekeller ve Tuna Türkleri (Czechs and Turks of the Danube, Ankara, 1934), Hazar Türkleri Avrupa Devleti (Turks of the Caspian European State, 6th-7th centuries, İstanbul, 1934), Turizmin Harsî, Siyasî ve iktisadî Faydaları (Cultural, Political and Economical Advantages of Tourism, İstanbul, 1934), Kaybolan Türkler (Lost Turks, İstanbul, 1936), Nouvelle Politique Économique de la Turquie Kémaliste (New Political Economy of Kemalist Turkey, Paris, 1934), Şarkî Avrupa'da Türk Kanı ve Medeniyeti İzleri (Turkish Blood and Traces of Civilization in Eastern Europe, 1946), Türk Medeniyet Tarihinden Bir Yaprak (A Page from Turkish Civil History, İstanbul, 1946), La Position des Turcs dans le Monde (The Position of the Turkish in the World, İstanbul, 1948), Türklerin Avrupalılarla Müşterek Troya Menşeleri Efsanesi Üzerinde Araştırma (Research on the Common Epics of Troy by the Turks and Europeans, İstanbul, 1951), Lord Salisbury'ye Kıbrıs Hakkında Açık Mektup, Kıbrıs Dâvamızın Müdafaası (An Open Letter to Lord Salisbury on the Cyprus Question, Defense of our Case in Cyprus, İstanbul, 1956), Kıbrıs Sorunu (The Cyprus Question an open letter to Lord Radcliffe on the Cyprus Question, in English, İstanbul 1957), Esquisse d'une Histoire Rationelle d'Attila dans les Gatiles (Drawing a Rational History on Attila in the Gatiles, İstanbul, 1957), L'Attitude de l'Occident Vis-a-vis des Turcs et de Grecs (The Attitude of the West towards the Turks and the Greeks, İstanbul, 1964).