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AŞKUN, Vehbi Cem

Poet and writer (b. 11 July 1909, Sivas - d. 8 January 1979, Eskişehir). He started secondary education at Sivas High School and finished at İzmir Teacher Training School for Boys (1930). After teaching at a primary school in Merzifon for seven years, he graduated from the Gazi Institute of Education. After 1938, he worked as a teacher at secondary and high schools in Sivas and Erzincan and finally at Eskişehir Atatürk High School (1953-69). He retired in 1969.

He was famous for his research on literature and folklore, besides his poems, short stories and novels. He introduced many unknown folk poets to the public. He also used the pen names Ahmet Yılmaz, Çağatay and O. Tekin.


POETRY: Ulusal Duyuşlar (National Feelings, 1936), Yayladan Sesler (Voices from the Plateau, 1943), Çocuklara Şiirler (Poems for Children, 1943), Göllerin Musikisi (Music of Lakes, 1949), Fetih Destanı (Epic of Conquest, 1955), Geçmiş Günler (The Days that Went By, 1960), Ölümsüz Atamız (Our Eternal Ancestor, 1963).

RESEARCH: Merzifon Şairleri (Poets of Merzifon, 1937), Sivas Folkloru (Folklore of Sivas, 2 volumes, 1941-43), Âşık Ruhsatî (Âşık Ruhsatî, 1945), Sivas Şairleri (Poets of Sivas, 1948), Sivas Sultanı Kadı Burhanettin (Kadı Burhaneddin, the Sultan of Sivas, 1964).

PLAY: Oğuz Destanı (Epic of Oğuz, 1935), Atatürk Köyünde Uçak Günü (Airplane Days at Atatürk Village, 1936).

SHORT STORY: Öksüz Yusuf (Orphan Yusuf, 1958).

NOVEL: Kader (Destiny, 1962).