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Poet (b. 1948, İstanbul). She also used the pen name Ani Toros. She graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of English Philology. She managed Adam Publishing, which she established. Her poems were published in the reviews Adam, Sanat, and Varlık since 1990.


POETRY: Tramvay Döşeriz Ay Döşeriz (We Lay down Tramway and the Moon, 1993), Çıplak Bakamıyorum (I Can not Look Naked, 1996), Üç Gün Paris (Paris for Three Days, 1998), Tutamadığım Sözler (Promises I Could not Keep, 1999).

RESEARCH: Yirminci Yüzyılda Yazınımıza El Verenler (Those Contributing to Our Literature in the Twentieth Century, 2001).