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ASENA, Duygu

Journalist and writer (b. 19 April 1946, İstanbul). Her mother is the daughter of Şevker Öntersev, who served as the aid-de-camp of Atatürk and later elected as Gümüşhane deputy of Republican People’s Party. She used the pen name Şirin, too. She attended Kadıköy High School for Girls and graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Pedagogy (1971). She worked as a pedagogist for two years and started to work as a journalist in the newspaper Hürriyet in 1972. She worked as a columnist and reporter in the newspaper Kelebek. She also worked as reporter in the newspaper Ayrıntılı Haber and as a text writer for Man Ajans (1976-78). In 1978 she entered to Gelişim Publishing as the editor-in-chief and edited many reviews such as Kadınca, On Yedi, Kim, Ev Kadını, Bella Bayan, Moda, First. She also worked as columnist, reporter and manager in the newspapers Söz, Sabah and Güneş in that period. She still works as columnist in the newspaper Milliyet. She took a role in the films Umut Yarıda Kaldı (Expectation was Aborted), Yarın Cumartesi (Tomorrow is Saturday) and Bay E (Mr. E).

Her articles about problems of women and magazine were published in the newspapers and reviews Kelebek, (1972-74), Ayrıntılı Haber (1975), Kadınca (1978-88). She gained fame with her book Kadının Adı Yok (The Name of Woman Does Not Exist) that broke sale record when it was published forty times in two years and then it reached fifty-three editions. The book was chosen as the book of the year by Boğaziçi University (1988) and translated and published Germany, Holland and Greece. In Greece it became a bestseller. Her other books were also published for many times.


Kadının Adı Yok (The Name of Woman Does not Exist, 1987), Aslında Aşk da Yok (Actually, There Is not Love Too, 1989), Kahramanlar Hep Erkek (Heroes are Always Masculine, 1992), Değişen Bir Şey Yok (Nothing Has Changed, 1994), Aynada Aşk Vardı (There was Love in the Mirror, 2000), Aşk Gidiyorum Demez (Love Does not Say “I am Leaving”, 2003).