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ARZIK, Nimet

Journalist and writer (b. 1921, Bornova / İzmir - d. 1989). She attended primary and secondary school at the Private French High School for Girls in İzmir (Notre Dame de Sion) and high school in Poland. She was still in Poland during the first years of the World War II. Her mother was a Polish woman and her father was Turkish. 23 people from her family died during the war and Arzık returned to Turkey. She completed her graduate studies at Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography. In one year she passed the exams of the whole four-year course and then graduated.

She was the sister of the Ambassador Taha Carım, who was killed by Armenians. Her husband, Şefik Arzık, the general director of the Anatoian Agency, was flying to the United Kingdom together with Adnan Menderes, the prime minister of the time, to deal with the problem of Cyprus in 1959 and died when the a plane crashed. She worked at various private and public institutions of press and broadcasting, including the Directorate General of Press and Information and participated in the establishment of the review Yön and was always a writer of debate for many reviews and newspapers. Nimet Arzık published 41 books.


RESEARCH-STUDY: Ak Altının Ağası (Father of White Gold), Yunus Emre (Yunus Emre), Menderesi İpe Götürenler (Those who Executed Menderes), Bitmeyen Kavga (Unfinished War), İsmet İnönü (İsmet İnönü), Eskişiler Zinciri (Chain of Oldies), Çetin Altan’dan Demirel’e (From Çetin Altan to Demirel).

MEMOIR: Tek At Tek Mızrak (One Horse, One Spear, 3 volumes).