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ARTAM, Nurettin

Poet and writer (b. 1900, İstanbul – d. 26 October 1958, Ankara). His full name was Mehmet Nurettin Artam. After finishing İstanbul Imperial College, he served in the World War I. He worked as a teacher of literature and English at İstanbul and Ankara High Schools. He worked for the General Directorate of Press and Publication in the departments of propaganda, articles and libraries.

He wrote anecdotes for Vakit and Ulus newspapers under the name Toplu İğne. He presented the official points of view of the government at Ankara Radio in his program Radyo Gazetesi (Radio Newspaper). He also did translations from English and he wrote his mystic poems in syllabic meter.

WORKS: Eski Yazıdan Yeni Yazıya (From Old Writing to New Writing, 1928), Baş Saatlerde (In the Main Hours, free verses, 1933), Varım Yoğum (Everything I Have, poems 1993), Öz Dilimizde Sınangılar (Trials in Our Original Language, 1934), Hayır, Paşa Hazretleri (No, Your Majesty, selections from daily anecdotes, 1945), Seccade (Prayer Rug, 1945).