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ARSEVEN, Celal Esat

Writer (b. 1875, İstanbul - d. 14 November 1971). He graduated from İstanbul Fine Arts Academy and the War School (1891). He left the Army in 1906 and became a teacher at the Fine Arts Academy. He published the magazine Kalem with Salah Cimcoz in 1908. In the following years, he was the director of the Turkish National Theatre (1926) and during the 7th and 8th period he was the parliamentary deputy for Giresun. He became known for his works on art history and theatre.


RESEARCH: Resim Dersleri (Painting Lessons, 1895), Renkler ve Yağlıboya (Colors and Oil Paint, 1900), Eski İstanbul (Ancient İstanbul, 1912), Eski Galata (Ancient Galata, 1913), Türk Sanatı (Turkish Art, 1928), Yeni Mimari (New Architecture, 1931), Şehircilik (Town Planning, 1937), L’Art Turc (Turkish Art, Paris, 1970), Sanat Lûgati (Art Dictionary, French and Turkish, 1944), Sanat Ansiklopedisi (Art Encyclopedia, 5 volumes, 1953-54), Türk Sanat Tarihi (Turkish Art History, 4 volumes, 1954-64).

PLAY: Sultan Selim-i Salis (Sultan Selim III, with Adalet Cimcoz, 1910; with the name Üçüncü Selim-III. Selim, 1958), Büyük Yarın (Great Tomorrow, 1925; with the name Büyük Turgan-Great Tomorrow, 1936), Şaban (Şaban, composed by Viktor Badeglia, a German Operetta, performed in Vienna in 1918), Saatçi (Clockmaker, operetta, 1932), Büyük İkramiye (The First Prize, operetta, with Yusuf Sururi, 1933), Gökte Ararken (While Searching in the Sky, 1939).