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ARPAD, Burhan

Journalist and writer (b. 19 May 1910, Mudanya / Bursa - d. 4 December 1994, İstanbul). He used the pen names Ahmet Hisarlı and Birisi. He attended Rehber-i Tahsil Primary School (1923) and graduated from the School of Commerce (1927). He worked at the İstanbul Monopoly Tobacco Factory and at some private companies (1928-42), then he opened the ABC Book House with Salah Birsel and İhsan Devrim in 1943 and two years later he founded the Arpad Publication House. He worked as a correspondent and interviewer for Memleket, Hürriyet and Vatan newspapers (1947-52), he wrote anecdotes for Vatan newspaper (1957-62). After leaving journalism, he worked as a freelance writer and translator.

His short stories and articles were published in magazines such as Servet-i Fünûn, Uyanış (1936), İnanç, Yurt ve Dünya, Adımlar, Yığın, Yürüyüş, Yeditepe and Türk Dili. The subjects of his stories were about social realities and problems. He translated many books from German and Austrian literature. Since he had to make a living by writing, he had to write in many different genres. With his book Gezi Günlüğü (Travel Journal) he received the Turkish Language Association Essay- Critique-Travel Award in 1970.


SHORT STORY: Şehir 9 Tablo (City in 9 Scenes, 1940), Dolayısıyla (Therefore, 1955), Son Perde (The Last Act, life story of the famous comic Naşit, 1961; with the name Direklerarası -Between the Masts, 1974), Taşı Toprağı Altın (Its Stone and Soil are Gold, 1966), Yeditepe Olayları (Yeditepe Events, 1974).

NOVEL: Alnımdaki Bıçak Yarası (Knife Cut on My Forehead, 1968).

TRAVEL LITERATURE: Tuna’dan Şimale Avrupa (Europe from the Danube to the North, 1953), Uçuş Günlüğü (Flight Journal, 1959), Gezi Günlüğü (Travel Journal, 1962), Avusturya Günlüğü (Austria Journal, 1963).

PLAY: Operet 8 Tablo (Operetta in 8 Scenes, 1964), Oyun 6 Tablo (Play in 6 Scenes, 1966)

CRITICISM-RESEARCH: Perde Arkası (Backstage, 1959), Günü Gününe (Day by Day, articles, 1962), İlk Gece (First Night, theatre critique, 1962), Stefan Zweig (Stefan Zweig, 1967), Erich Maria Remarque (Erich Maria Remarque, 1972).

MEMOIR: Hesaplaşma (Settling Up, 1977), Yok Edilen İstanbul (İstanbul is Being Destroyed, 1983), Bir İstanbul Var İdi (One upon a Time There was an İstanbul, collected by his son Ahmet Arpad, 2001), Perde Arkası (Backstage, 2001).