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AROLAT, Ali Mümtaz

Poet (b. 1897, İstanbul - d. 4 September 1967). He used the pen names Ali Hasan and Ali Mümtaz. While he was at Galatasaray High School, he served in the First World War. After the war, he graduated from the High School of Commerce (1922). He worked at several banks until he retired.

He published his poems, which were mostly written in syllabic meter and were mainly on the subjects of love and natural beauty, under the pen name of Nedim (1919) and under his real name in Yeni Mecmua, Dergâh (1921-22), Millî Mecmua (1925-27).


Bir Gemi Yelken Açtı (A Ship Set Sail, 1926), Hayal İkliminden Dönen Diyor ki (Those Who Came Back from an Fantasy Climate Say, 1960).