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ARIK, Remzi Oğuz

Writer and thinker (b. 1899, Kabaktepe / Kazan / Tatarstan – d. 3 April 1954, Adana). First he attended Kazan Local Primary School and then Yadigar-ı Terakki Primary School in Thessalonica. He attended İstanbul Mercan Secondary School and İzmir High School. After graduating from İstanbul Teacher Training School, he studied archeology in Paris (1926-31). He worked at İstanbul Archeology Museum after returning to the city and carried out excavations.

He became a professor at Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Archeology in 1939. He gave lectures on the History of Islamic Arts at the Faculty of Theology. He was one of those who were arrested in 1944. He took an active interest in politics and he was chosen as the Seyhan parliamentary deputy for the Democrat Party in 1950. After a while, he left the Democrat Party and founded the Turkish Villagers Party; however, he died at a plane crash when he was the leader of the party. He was one of the forerunners of nationalism and had different points of view to those of Ziya Gökalp’s. After 1930, he wrote for magazines such as Türk Sözü (1930-32), Oluş, Gurbet, İleri Yurt, Şafak, Dönüm (1936), Çığır (1939-41), Millet (1942-44), Bizim Türkiye and Hareket (1948).


THOUGHT: Köy Kadını – Memleket Parçaları (Village Woman – Parts of the Country, 1944), İdeal ve İdeoloji (Ideal and Ideology, 1947), Coğrafyadan Vatana (From Geography to the Homeland, 1956), Türk İnkılabı ve Milliyetçiliğimiz (The Turkish Revolution and Our Nationalism, 1958), Gurbet- İnmeyen Bayrak (Away from Home- The Flag Flying Forever, 1968), Türk Gençliğine (To the Turkish Youth, 1968), Milliyetçilik (Nationalism, together with İdeal ve İdeoloji-Ideal and Ideology, Coğrafyadan Vatana-From Geography to the Homeland, Türk İnkılabı be Milliyetçiliğimiz-The Turkish Revolution and Our Nationalism, 1974), Meseleler (Issues, together with Gurbet-İnmeyen Bayrak-Away from Home, The Flag Flying Forever, Türk Gençliğine-To the Turkish Youth, Köy Kadını-Village Woman, 1974).

RESEARCH: Alacahöyük Hafriyatı (The Alacahöyük Excavation, 1937), Karacaoğlan Kazıları (The Karacaoğlan Excavations, 1938), Ankara-Konya- Eskişehir Yazılıkaya Gezileri (Travels to Ankara- Konya- Eskişehir Yazılıkaya, 1956), Türk Müzeciliğine Bir Bakış (A View on Turkish Museums, 1956), Türk Sanatı (Turkish Arts, 1976), Kızılderililer ve Türkler- Bir Tarihin, Bir Dramın Hikâyesi (Red Indians and the Turks- A Tale of a History and a Drama, 1999).