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ARIBURNU, Orhon Murat

Poet (b. 12 December 1918, İstanbul – d. 11 April 1989). He attended the Haydarpaşa High School (1938) and, although he began to study at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Literature in İstanbul University, he was not able to finish his studies. He worked as a journalist and officer at İstanbul Municipality (1938-41) and then he worked in the cinema sector. He moved to Berlin in 1980 and worked as a screenplay writer, actor and director

He staged Turkey’s first poetry exhibition with paintings in 1947. His first work appeared in the review Edebiyat (1936) and his poetry was published later in reviews such as Serveti Fünûn-Uyanış, Varlık and Yeditepe. He wrote in the style of the “Strange Movement”. After his death, an annual poetry, film and photography award was established by his colleague Hüseyin Alemdar.


POETRY: Kovan (The Hive, 1940), Bu Yürek Sizin (This Heart is Yours, 1982), Buruk Dünya (The Sour World, collected poems, 1985), Yaşadıkça I (As We Live I, selected poems, by Hüseyin Kıvanç, 2002).

PLAY: İnsan Gürültüye Gitmese (If Man Does Not Get Lost in the Confusion, 1972).