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ARDIÇ, Engin

Journalist and writer (b. 1952, Trabzon). He graduated from Boğaziçi University and worked as a professional tourist guide (1976-81), customer’s representative, director of advertising films, assistant and speaker in the Department of Turkish Broadcasts of BBC, columnist in the newspapers Sabah and Star and as a commentator in Star TV.

His articles on theater and politics were first published in the newspapers Yeni Ortam, Politika, Cumhuriyet and Dünya, later his critiques on theater and literature were published in the reviews Tiyatro, Yeni Dergi and Yazko. He received the Writers Union of Turkey Best Writer Award in the branch of Press / Article in 1991.


Daktilo Konçertoları (Typewriter Concertos, 1990), Mustafa Kemal Sizin Gibi Kıro Değildi (Mustafa Kemal was not a Yahoo as You are, 1990), Teğel Teğel Hüzün (Grief in Embroidery, 1991), Türkobarok (Turkish Baroque, 1991).