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Journalist and writer (b. 1928, Ankara). He did not complete his education in Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine. He started journalism in Ulus, which was the publication of Republican People’s Party in 1947. He worked as a reporter and as Ankara representative of the newspapers Kudret, Vatan, Halkçı, Tercüman and Yeni Ulus. When he was the editor of the review Akis published by Metin Toker, he was imprisoned for seven months due to an article of his criticizing Democrat Party’s governors (1955). He published the weekly review Rapor in 1956. He was transferred to the newspaper Hürriyet after 27 May 1960 military coup and served as the assistant of Press attaché in Zurich.

After 1972 he worked as a columnist and as the editor-in chief of the newspapers Hürriyet, Güneş, Milliyet. He worked in the newspaper Cumhuriyet as of 1985, except from the period he worked as the consultant of the President. He received Sedat Simavi Foundation Award with his news “Ordu Uyarı Mektubu Verdi” (Warning Letter from the Army) in 1980.


Cüneyt Arcayürek Anlatıyor (Cüneyt Arcayürek Reports, 10 volumes, concerns political affairs in 1946-1980, 1983, 1985), Ku-De-Ta (Ku-De-Ta, fantastic novel concerning 12 September military coup, 1985), Demokrasiye Dur (Stop to Democracy, 1986), 12 Eylül’e Koşar Adım (Running towards 12 September, 1986), Hastanedeki Ecevit (Ecevit in Hospital, 1986), Darbeler ve Gizli Servisler (Coups and Secret Agencies, 1989), Çankaya Hesaplaşması (Settling Up in Çankaya, 1990), 864 Rakımlı Tepe Çankaya (Çankaya, The Hill at the Altitude 864, 1992), Büyüklere Masallar Küçüklere Gerçekler 1 / Demokrasi Dönemecinde Üç Adam (Tales for Adults, Realities for Children 1 / Three Men in the Curve of Democracy, 1999), Büyüklere Masallar Küçüklere Gerçekler 2 / Bir Giden-Bir Gelen-Bir Bekleyen (Tales for Adults, Realities for Children 2 / A Gone-A Come-A Waiting, 2000), Sessiz Darbe (The Silent Coup, 2001), Bekleyen Adamın Gerçekleşen Düşü (The Realized Dream of the Waiting Man, 2000), Etekli Demokrasi (Democracy in Skirt, 2001), Çankaya Muhalefeti – Büyüklere Masallar Küçüklere Gerçekler: 8 (The Opposition of Çankaya – Tales for Adults, Realities for Children: 8, 2002).