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Writer and translator (b. 1947, Erzurum). He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Russian Philology. He worked in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Vienna Embassy and in the consulate generals of Bregenz (Austria), Stuttgart (Germany) and Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

He published his research papers in the reviews Türk Kültürü ve Tarih Mecmuası, Tarih ve Medeniyet and in the newspapers Tercüman, Milliyet, Hürriyet, Türkiye and Sabah. He did translations from Russian. He received the first rank in 1993 Örsan Öymen Literature Competition and the Association of European Journalists 1993 Research Award. His research Avrupa’da Türk İzleri (Traces of Turks in Europe) was broadcasted as a documentary series of 16 in the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation

WORKS (Research):

Avrupa’da Türk İzleri (Traces of Turks in Europe, 2 volumes, 2001), Viyana’da İzlerimiz (Our Traces in Vienna), Azeri Türklerinin Halk Hikâyeleri (The Folk Stories of Azerbaijan Turks).