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ARAL, İnci

Storywriter and novelist (b. 1944, Denizli). She attended the Manisa Primary Teacher Training School for Girls (1961), and graduated from Gazi Institute of Education, Department of Painting and Handcrafts (1964). She worked as a teacher in secondary schools in Samsun (1964-67), Manisa (1967-77), İzmir (1977) and Ankara (1977-84). She was retired in the year 1984. Then, she managed a store of ceramic in İstanbul (1986).

Her first stories were published in the reviews Türk Dili, Varlık, and then Dönemeç, Soyut, and Sesimiz. She collected the Akademi Publishing House Tale Award with her book Ağda Zamanı (Time for Epilation, 1979), the Nevzat Üstün Tale Award with the book Kıran Resimleri (The Pictures of Pestilence), which tells about the events in Maraş in 1979 and which was published in France; the Yunus Nadi Novel Award in 1992 with her first novel Ölü Erkek Kuşlar (The Dead Male Birds), and the Yunus Nadi Tale Award in 2001 with Gölgede Kırk Derece (Forty Degrees in Shadow). Kıran Resimleri (The Pictures of Pestilence) was translated into French and published in France. In her short stories and novels, she usually dealt with relationship of man and woman, female identity, the questions of faithfulness and freedom, in a feminine manner.


SHORT STORY: Ağda Zamanı (The Time for Epilation, 1979), Kıran Resimleri (The Pictures of Pestilence, 1983), Uykusuzlar (Sleepless, 1984), Sevginin Eşsiz Kışı (Unique Winter of Love, 1986), Gölgede Kırk Derece (Forty Degrees in Shadow, 2001), On Üç Büyülü Öykü-13 Yazar, 13 Öykü (Thirteen Magic Tales - 13 Writers, 13 Tales, collaborative book, 2002).

NOVEL: Ölü Erkek Kuşlar (Dead Male Birds, 1991), Yeni Yalan Zamanlar (New Fake Times, 1994), Hiçbir Aşk Hiçbir Ölüm (None of Love, None of Death, 1997), İçimden Kuşlar Göçüyor (Birds are Migrating from Inside of Me, 1998), Mor (Purple, 2003), Taş ve Ten (Stone and Flesh, 2004).

ESSAY-MEMOIR: Anlar İzler Tutkular (Moments Traces Ambitions, 2003).