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Playwright and poet (b. 21 March 1945, İstanbul). Her real name is Fatma Özel Arabul. She graduated from İzmir Girls College (1963). She discontinued her education at Ankara University, Faculty of Law when she was a second grade student. She has worked at the review Sesimiz (editor-in-chief) and at the newspaper Yenigün since 1974 and at a private foundation in Ankara since 1989. She is a member of the Turkish Authors Association.

Her poetry has been published in the reviews Yazko, Varlık, Soyut and Türk Dili. She has participated in scientific seminars and has presented papers related to her field. Her works has been used in textbooks. Her radio plays have been broadcast on Ankara Radio, and performed at the State Theaters of İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara, her scripts, some of them for series, have been shown on the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation International Channel. Her plays Rüzgârlı Kadın (The Woman in the Wind), Foto Bahar (Photographer Bahar) and Denizin Dibinde Zil Sesi (The Bell Chimes at the Bottom of Sea) were translated into English. She won the İnönü Foundation Award with her play Rüzgârlı Kadın (The Woman in The Wind) in 1989 and the Art Institution Appreciation Writer’s Award with Gecenin Tadı (Taste of the Night) in 1995.


POETRY: Yılan Kuyusu (Well of Snakes, 1974).

PLAY (Stage plays): Mendilimde Gül Oya (The Rose Embroidery on my Handkerchief, performed in 1986, İzmir State Theater), Rüzgârlı Kadın (The Woman In the Wind, performed in 1988, İstanbul State Theater, published in 1989), Gecenin Tadı (Taste of the Night performed in 1995, Ankara State Theater, published in 1997), Foto Bahar (Photographer Bahar, performed in 1997, Ankara State Theater, published in 1998).

CHILDREN’S PLAY: Deniz Dibinde Zil Sesi (The Bell Chimes at the Bottom of Sea, performed in 1999, musical play, İzmir State Theater).

FAIRYTALE: Ayçiçeği (The Sun Flower, 1976), Güneşe Uçan Kuş (The Bird That Flies to the Sun, 1987), Düş Pazarı (The Dream Market).