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APAK, Rıza

Poet (b. 1911, Petrich, Bulgaria – d. 1897, İstanbul). He came to Turkey as an immigrant during the Balkan War. He completed his primary education in Bergama and graduated from İzmir Teacher Training School for Boys and the Ankara Gazi Institute of Education.

He worked as a teacher in various cities and towns. He published his poetry first in the review Bakırçay, which he published (1943-44), in Çığır, Gündüz, and Fikirler but mostly in Varlık (1937-76).


Dünya Haberleri (World News 1960), Batı Yakası (West Side, 1966), Karada Balık (Fish on the Shore, 1969), Gülümüzü Yolan Eller (The Hands that Pick Our Roses, 1972).