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APAK, Hüseyin Rahmi

Historian (b. 1887, Babaeski / Kırklareli – d. 1963, Ankara). He graduated from the War School (1908) and after he took part in the Balkan War, he graduated from the War Academy (1914). He fought at the fronts of Caucasus, Iraq and Palestine in World War I. He was exiled to the island of Malta (1917) after he was captured by the English.

When he was released, he went to Anatolia and participated in the Independence War. He was the Military Attaché in Moscow when he retired in 1934. He was the Tekirdağ parliamentary deputy for years. (1935-46). Afterwards he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was the ambassador to Lisbon (1946-49) and Baghdad (1949-52).


Rus-Leh Seferi (The Campaign of Russia and Poland, 1925), Felakete Doğru (Towards Disaster, 1932), İstiklal Savaşından Garp Cephesi Nasıl Kuruldu (How was Western Front Established in the War Independence?, 1942), Yetmişlik Bir Subayın Hatıraları (The Memoirs of a Seventy-year-old Officer, 1975), Türk İstiklal Harbinde İç Ayaklanmalar (Revolts in the Turkish Independence War, 1964).