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ANTEL, Sadrettin Celal

Pedagogue and writer (b. 1890, İstanbul – d. 1954). He was the son of the old minister of justice, Mahmut Celalettin Bey. He completed his graduate education at Saint Ciona School of Teacher Training and at the Sorbonne University in France. When he returned to Ankara he worked as a school director, teacher and professor of pedagogy and as an academician at İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature (1936).

He was the pioneer in Turkey in applying intelligence tests that were used in the United States. He published the weekly review Sınıf Muallimi and the fortnightly children’s magazine Bizim Mecmua. He wrote political articles for the reviews Kurtuluş, Aydınlık and the newspaper Tan as an active member of the Turkish Labor and Socialist Party that was founded in İstanbul in 1919.


STUDY-RESEARCH: Pedagoji (Pedagogy, 1930), Yeni Terbiye ve Tedris Tekniği (The New Techniques of Pedagogy and Education, 1931), Test Usulü (Test Method, 1932), Maarifimiz ve Meseleleri (Our Education System and its Problems, 1939), Umumi Didaktik (The General Didactic, 1948), Terbiyede Ölçü (Limits in Pedagogy, 1954).

He also translated from English.