ANAR, İhsan Oktay

Novelist (b. 21 November 1960, Yozgat). He completed his primary and elementary education in İzmir and graduated from Ege University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Philosophy (1984). He has worked as an academician at the department from which he graduated and received his PhD since 1986. His articles have been published in the newspaper Yeni Binyıl. He is a member of the Turkish Authors Association and the PEN Association of Writers.

His first short story Kâfirler İçin Apologya (Apology for Infidels) was published in the review Morköpük (April 1985). His work Efrasiyab’ın Hikâyeleri (The Tales of Afrasiyab) was adapted for the theater and performed by the 476 Actors in the United Kingdom.

WORKS (Novel):

Puslu Kıtalar Atlası (The Misty Continents Atlas, 1995), Kitabül Hiyel: Eski Zaman Mucitlerinin İnanılmaz Hayat Öyküler (The Book of Tricks: Incredible Life Stories of Past Inventors, 1996), Efrasiyab’ın Hikâyeleri (The Tales of Afrasiyab, 1998).