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Poet and writer (b. 1 March 1918, Devrek / Zonguldak – d. 11 May 1999, İstanbul). His full name was Mustafa Zihni Anadol. He also used the pen name Zihni Turgay Anadol. He graduated from Haydarpaşa High School (1940). He worked as an official and freelance worker in various cities. He was imprisoned with his friends Dr. Hikmet Kıvılcımlı, Kerim Korcan and others, having been charged with being an administrator of the Homeland Party in 1957. He was acquitted together with his friends after he stayed in prison for twenty months. He was involved in the administration of the Labor Party in 1975. After the party was closed, his trial lasted ten years until he was acquitted.

His first article on the subject of the Spanish Civil War was published in the review Yeni Adam in 1939; his first poem Şafakta (At Dawn) for which he was prosecuted was published in the review Ses in 1950. In later years, he published his articles and poetry in the reviews and newspapers such as Türk Solu, Emekçi, May, Toplumsal Kurtuluş, Gerçek Sanat, Toplum (1965), Yeni Ortam (1973), Yeni Açılım (1989), Görüş (1989), Varlık (1988), Emek (1989), Gerçekler Postası (1987), Somut (1984), 2000’e Doğru (1989), Edebiyat Cephesi (1980), Çaltı (1965-67), İnsancıl (1995-96), Berfin (1995) and Tarih ve Toplum (1995), Yazın (Germany, 1995) etc. He started to write as a columnist for the newspaper Emek and continued this work in the newspaper Yeni Evrensel. He was given the Gold Medal and Certificate of Honor by the Turkish Authors Association in 1995. He also received certificates of honor from organizations in various cities and towns. He was the honorary chairman of the Writers Syndicate of Turkey and a member of the Human Rights Association.


POETRY: Ağlama Duvarı (The Weeping Wall, 1988), Kırmızı Gül ve Kasket (The Red Rose and the Cap, 1989), Aydınlığa Omuz Verenler (Ones Who Shoulder the Light, 1991).

MEMOIR: Truva Atında İlk Akşam (The First Night in the Trojan Horse, 1988), Canpazarı Yolcuları (The Passengers of a Matter of Life and Death, 1995), Ben İşçiyim (I Am a Worker, memoirs of Zehra Kosova, 1996).