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ALUS, Sermet Muhtar

Writer (b. 28 May 1887, İstanbul – d. 18 May 1951). He wrote under the pen names such as “El Üfürük” and “Necdet”. As a child he took private lessons and graduated from Galatasaray High School (1906) and the School of Law (1910). He started his writing career with the humorous review El Üfürük that he published with his friends (1908). Afterwards he published the humorous newspaper Davul.

He published his sketches and articles in newspapers such as Son Posta, Cumhuriyet, Akşam and Vakit, and reviews such as Yeni Mecmua, 7 Gün, Hafta etc. Like Hüseyin Rahmi and Ahmet Rasim, he chose the characters of old İstanbul, the customs and the traditions as his subjects with the only purpose of making people laugh.


HUMOR (novel): Kıvırcık Paşa (Curly-Haired Paşa, 1933), Pembe Maşlahlı Hanım (Lady in a Pink Robe, 1933), Harp Zengininin Gelini (The Bride of the War Profiteer, 1934), Eski Çapkın Anlatıyor (Old Casanova Explains, 1944).

NOVEL: Onikiler (The Twelve, published in the newspaper Cumhuriyet in 1935; 1999).

PLAY: Helal Mal (Legitimate Property, 1920), El İlacı (Medicine for the Hand, 1919), Yıldızlar Barıştı (They Got Along Well with Each Other, 1919), Kol Ramiz (Ramiz, the Arm, 1920) and Duvar Aslanı (The Lion of the Wall, 1925) were not published.

MEMOIR: Eski Günlerde (In Olden Times, edited by Faruk Ilıkan; published in the newspaper Akşam between 1939 and 1940; 2001).