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Poet (b. 1941, Bergama / İzmir - d. 9 July 1993, Ankara). He graduated from Karşıyaka High School and Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Philosophy (1969). He worked in various jobs and retired from teaching after being a civil servant for a while.

His poems have been published in reviews such as Dost, Soyut, Türkiye Yazıları, Türk Dili and Oluşum since 1974. He shared the Toprak Poem Award with Ahmet Telli with his book Kendinin Avcısı (The Hunter of Himself) in 1980. He was seriously wounded at the fire at Hotel Madımak that occurred on 2 July 1993 in Sivas. He was not able to recover and died in Ankara where he had been brought for treatment. In his memory Altıok Kitabı (The Altıok Book) was published by the Turkish Authors Association (1993).


POETRY: Gezgin (The Traveler, 1976), Yerleşik Yabancı (The Settled Foreigner, 1978), Kendinin Avcısı (The Hunter of Himself, 1979), Küçük Tragedyalar (Little Tragedies, 1981), İpek ve Kitaptan (Of Silk and Book, 1987), Süveyda (Süveyda, 1990), Gerçeğin Öte Yakası (The Other Side of Truth, 1990), Dörtlükler ve Desenler (Verses and Designs, 1990), Alaturka Şiirler (A la Turca Poems, 1992), Yel ve Gül (The Wind and the Rose, 1993), Hesap İşi Şiirler (Calculated Poems, 1993), Soneler (Sonnets, 1994), Bir Acıya Kiracı (A Renter of Misery, complete poetry,1998).

ESSAY: Şiirin İlk Atlası (The First Atlas of Poetry, 1992).