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Poet and writer (b. 12 January 1945, Bakırköy / İstanbul). He completed his primary education in İstanbul and secondary education in Diyarbakır (1956). He attended Haydarpaşa High School, Kabataş High School and graduated from Pendik High School. He founded Havass (1977) and Süreç Publications (1984) and edited the review Süreç until 1982. Afterwards, he undertook the administration of the Modus Vivendi Publishing House and Art Gallery in Zurich. He worked as a columnist on the newspaper Günaydın after he returned to Turkey. In later years, he was invited onto several television programs and discussed screenplays of Western countries that offended Turkey.

His poems, essays and researches have been published in the newspapers Haber, Akşam, Cumhuriyet, Yeni Halkçı, Ulus and Yenigün, the reviews Sanat Edebiyat, Varlık, Süreç, Bilim-Sanat and in some socialist reviews since 1964. His ten books were banned. His articles have been published in some publications in France and Switzerland and his poetry has been published in United States and Iceland.


POETRY: Partizan (Partisan, 1975), Dinmeyen (Never-ending, 1978), Anılan (One That Was Remembered, 1982), İhanet Şiirleri (Poems of Treason, 1984), Otellerde (In the Hotels, 1986).

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Türkiye’de Kadın (Women in Turkey, 1975), Haşhaş ve Emperyalizm (Opium and Imperialism, 1979), Siyasal Kültür ve Yöntem (Political Culture and Method, 1982), Niçin Eşit İşe Eşit Ücret Değil (Why Not a Fair Day’s Work for a Fair Day’s Money, 1984), Laiklik (Secularism, 1986), Gül ve Haç Kardeşliği (Brotherhood of the Rose and Cross, 2003).