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ALTAR, Cevat Memduh

Poet (b. 1902, İstanbul – d. 1955). He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography. He studied music and art history in Germany. After he returned to Turkey, he initially worked as a teacher of musical theory at Ankara Music Teachers School where he strived for the school to be turned into a State Conservatoire. He worked as the director of the Radio Department of the General Directorate of Press and Publishing and general director of State Theaters (1934-43) and Fine Arts.

C. Memduh Altar who is known for his articles on music and art history tried to impress on society an appreciation for western music by introducing the life and works of western composers.


Sanat Yolcuları (Passengers of Art), Goethe ve Sanat (Goethe and Art), Armoni (Harmony), Kontrpuan (Counterpoint), Opera Tarihi (The History of Opera, 4 volumes, 2001).