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Writer (b. 1950, Ankara). He is the son of the writer Çetin Altan. He attended the İstanbul Kültür College (1970) and graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Economics (1981). After working as a proof-reader at the Bilgi Publishing House, and as a correspondent for the American Associated Press News Agency, he started to work in the newspaper Hürriyet. He served at the service of foreign news. He worked as a columnist in the newspapers Milliyet and Yeni Yüzyıl, and as a producer and a presenter on private televisions.

His novels and essays attracted a huge mass of readers. His first novel Dört Mevsim Sonbahar (Autumn for Four Seasons) brought him the Akademi Publishing House Novel Award in 1983. His second novel Sudaki İz (The Trace on the Water) was confiscated by the state because it was found obscene (1986). He drew particular attention with his essays on freedom of thought in the newspaper Yeni Yüzyıl during the 1990's. In 2002, when his famous novel Aldatmak (Being Unfaithful) was published, he was attacked with eggs by a group of students at the İstanbul University, where he had been invited to a conference.


NOVEL: Dört Mevsim Sonbahar (Autumn for Four Seasons, 1982), Sudaki İz (The Trace on the Water, 1985), Yalnızlığın Özel Tarihi (Exclusive History of Loneliness, 1991), Tehlikeli Masallar (Dangerous Tales, 1996), Kılıç Yarası Gibi (Like a Wound of Sword, 1998), İsyan Günlerinde Aşk (Love in the Days of Rebellion, 2001), Aldatmak (Being Unfaithful, 2002), İçimizde Bir Yer (Somewhere inside Us, 2004).

ESSAY: Geceyarısı Şarkıları (Midnight Songs, 1995), Karanlıkta Sabah Kuşları (Birds of Morning in Darkness, 1997), Kristal Denizaltı (Crystal Submarine, 2001), Ve Kırar Göğsüne Bastırırken (And Breaks by Hemming on the Breast, 2003).