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Playwright (b. 29 May 1935, İstanbul). He also wrote under the pen name Ali Tahsin. He attended the Galatasaray High School and graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering (1961). His articles and critiques have been published in reviews such as İstanbul, Diyelim, Pazar Postası, Oyun and Tiyatro 70. He worked as an engineer in the United States for a time. He took part in the foundation of İstanbul Technical University Theater. He contributed to amateur theater with his training work at the Young Actors Group that he established with his friends.

He proved his success with his plays written for this group and with the play Çürük Elma (The Rotten Apple) first performed in 1982, in which he demonstrated his ease in theater techniques. He shared the Arkın Children’s Literature Award in 1972 with his wife, with Şevket Usta'nın Arabası Düş Kuruyor (The Car of Master Şevket is Dreaming).


PLAY: Tavtati Kütüpati (Tavtati Kütüphati, 1959), Vatandaş Oyunu (The Citizen Play, political satire, collaborative, work 1962), Çürük Elma (The Rotten Apple, 1962), Ha Me Ka Ha Ha Pe (Ha Me Ka Ha Ha Pe, 1969).

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: Şevket Usta'nın Arabası Düş Kuruyor (The Car of Master Şevket is Dreaming, 1973).