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Poet and writer (b. 1958, İstanbul). After attending Private Doğuş High School he studied journalism at İstanbul and Marmara Universities. He has worked as a theater director and for various broadcasting companies.

His poems have been published in many reviews. He writes poems with self-confidence that is at times theatrical but doesn’t only use word games in his poems. He compiled his work on current issues in Turkey and his opposition against hopelessness in his book Türkiye Hala Mümkün (Turkey is Still Possible).


POETRY: Parçalanmış Divan (The Shattered Divan*, 1990), A! Etika (O! Ethica, 1991), Yeniden Üretilmiş Tarih (History Reproduced, volume 1, 1994), Erken Sözler (The Early Words, 1999), Tuz Günleri (Days of Salt, 2001), Yenilgiler Tarihi (The History of Defeats, volume 1, 2002).

ESSAY: Türkiye Hâlâ Mümkün - Siyasi Polemikler (Turkey is Still Possible - Political Polemics, 1999).