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ALGÜL, Hüseyin

Researcher of history of Islam (b. 1945, Bağyurdu Village / Bozkır / Konya). He attended the Konya İmam Hatip High School (1964) and graduated from İstanbul Advanced Institute of Islam (1968). He worked as a teacher at various high schools in Biga (1968- 71) and İstanbul (1971- 75); as a lecturer at Bursa Advanced Institute of Islam (1976) and continued to work there when this institute was changed to Uludağ University, Faculty of Theology (1982). His doctorate thesis was on İslâm Tarihinde İlk Siyasi ve Dinî Fırkaların Zuhuru (The Rise of the First Political and Religious Parties in the History of Islam). He became an associate professor in 1990 and a professor in 1996.

He was the dean of Gazi University, Çorum Faculty of Theology between 1996 and 1999 and the chairman of Uludağ University, Faculty of Theology, Department of Islamic History and Arts. His articles have been published in the reviews such as Nesil (1975-82), Millî Kültür, Din Öğretimi, İlim Sanat, Diyanet and U.Ü. İlahiyat Fakültesi and in the newspaper Tercüman. He has written articles for Şamil İslâm Ansiklopedisi (Şamil Islamic Encyclopedia) and TDV İslâm Ansiklopedisi (The Turkish Foundation for Religious Affairs Encyclopedia of Islam).


Ashab-ı Kiram (Companions of the Prophet, 1972), İstanbul'un Fethi ve Fatih (The Conquest of İstanbul and Fatih, 1981), Bursa'da Medfun Osmanlı Sultanları ve Emir Sultan (Ottoman Sultans Buried in Bursa and Emir Sultan, 1982), Hala Sultan-Ümmü Haram Bint-i Milhan (Hala Sultan – Ümmü Haram Bint-i Milhan, 1985; with the name Hala Sultan ve Eyüp Sultan-Hala Sultan and Eyüb Sultan), 1991), İslâm Tarihi I-IV (History of Islam, fourth volume with Osman Çelik, 1986-87), Manisa Folkloru (Folklore of Manisa, 1989), Peygamberimizin Şemâili Ahlâk ve Adâbı (The Character and Good Manners of the Prophet, 1989), Âlemlere Rahmet Hz. Muhammed (Esteemed Muhammed, God’s Mercy to the Universe, 1994), Mübarek Gün ve Geceler (Holy Days and Nights, 2004).

His simplifications have also been published.