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ALEMDAR, Hüseyin

Poet (b. 1 March 1962, Taştepe Village / Araklı / Trabzon). He attended the Araklı High School (1980). He discontinued his education at Mimar Sinan University, Department of Photograph (1982). He worked as a redactor (1983- 1985) in the reviews Varlık, Tasarım that were published in İstanbul, at various advertising agencies and as a traffic controller (1985- 87). He has worked as a film producer, floor manager, scriptwriter and editor since then. He organized the Orhon Murat Arıburnu Poetry Award that has been given regularly since 1990 and founded the Hera Publications that publishes only poetry books. He is a member of Writers Syndicate of Turkey, the Ankara Authors Association and the Professional Association of the Cinema Works Owners of Turkey.

His first poem Rıhtım (The Dock) was published in the review Oluşum in 1983. He published his later works in reviews such as Oluşum (1983-84), Varlık (1984), Milliyet Sanat (1985-86), Hürriyet Gösteri (1985-96), Adam Sanat, Broy, Parantez, Yeni Düşün, Dönemeç, Çağdaş Türk Dili, Şiir-lik, Göçebe, Cumhuriyet Kitap, Öküz, Uç, Çıkın etc. He received the Akademi Publishing House Poetry Achievement Award in 1985 with his book Toplanmış Sevgi Ölüleri (Collected Dead of Love) and the Yunus Nadi Cemal Süreya Special Award with his poem Cemal Süreyya İçin Onbeş Prelüd (Fifteen Preludes to Cemal Süreyya) in 1990. His poems have been translated into Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian.

WORKS (Poetry):

Toplanmış Sevgi Ölüleri (Collected Dead of Love, 1986), Gecede Gülümseme (The Smile at Night, 1987), Aşk ve Prelüdler (Love and Preludes, 1993), Ten Kitabı (Book of Skin, 1999), Hüzün Kitabı (Book of Sadness, 1999), Sinema Kitabı (Book of Cinema, 1999), Kül ve Vakitler (Ash and Time, 2000).