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Poet (b. 1923, Nazilli / Aydın – d. 2 March, 2001, İstanbul). He also wrote under the pen name Tınmaz Aşık. He is the son of the İzmir Judicial Affairs Manager, Ali Ulvi Alacakaptan, father of actor and writer Ulvi Alacakaptan, brother of jurist Uğur Alacakaptan and retired ambassador, Aydın Alacakaptan. He attended primary, elementary and high schools in İzmir. He graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Medicine (1947). He worked as an internal pathologist in Kırşehir and Aydın for a time and at Şişli Children’s Hospital and Haseki Hospital after he returned to İstanbul. He also published the review Dünya Tıp, and ran a travel agency. He was strangled in his house in Gümüşsuyu.

His humorous work and poems that he wrote in both prosodic and syllabic meter were published in reviews such as Yeni Mecmua, Çınaraltı, Amcabey, Kahkaha and Alay. His medical books have also been published.

WORKS (Poetry):

Salkım (Bunch, 1943), Bir Salkım Daha (One More Bunch, 1959), Seviler Serisi / Aruzla Deyişler (Series of Love / Sayings in Prosody, 1963), İştur / Tur Şarkıları (İştur / Tour Songs, 1978).