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History researcher (b. 1 December 1963, Şimşirli village / İkizdere / Rize). He completed his primary and elementary education in his village. After attending the Rize Industrial Vocational High School, he entered Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Faculty of Education, Department of History in 1981. Two years later, he transferred to Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Department of History and graduated in 1985. He received his master’s degree (1987) and doctorate (1992) at Marmara University, Institution of Social Sciences, Department of Modern History. His master’s thesis was “İzmir-Aydın Demiryolu”. (The İzmir - Aydın Railway) and his doctorate thesis was “Osmanlı Merkez Bürokrasisinde Reform (Reformation in Ottoman Bureaucratic Offices, 1836-1856). He worked at the Prime Ministry's Directorate of Ottoman Archives as an assistant specialist between 1987 and 1989. He became an assistant in a newly created post at Marmara University, Faculty of Literature for Modern History in 1988. He became an associate professor in 1995 and a professor in 2001. He continued his career as an academician in the same faculty.

He did research in the United Kingdom and Scotland in 1995. In the same year he won the Encouragement Award with his book Tanzimat Dönemi Osmanlı Merkez Teşkilâtında Reform (Reforms in Ottoman Central Organization in Tanzimat*) in a competition held by the Turkish Historical Society. Beginning in 1997, he worked as a writer-redactor on the Turkish History and Civilization committee at İslâm Ansiklopedisi (The Islamic Encyclopedia) published by the Islamic Research Center of the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs. He was guest academician at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and the School of Oriental and African Studies in July and August 2000. He also gave lectures in Tokyo University for a time.

His articles on Recent Ottoman History have been published in the reviews such as Osmanlı Araştırmaları, Tarih ve Toplum, İ.Ü. Tarih Enstitüsü Dergisi, Türk Kültürü İncelemeleri Dergisi, Yeni Toplum, İslâm Araştırmaları Dergisi, Türk Kültürü İncelemeleri Dergisi, in gift books and collaborative seminar and symposium books. He was an advisor for four 30-minute episodes of the television documentary Paranın Hikâyesi (The Story of Money), broadcast by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation in 1996.


Tanzimat Dönemi Osmanlı Merkez Teşkilâtında Reform (Reforms in Ottoman Central Organization in Tanzimat*, 1993), Osmanlı Finans Sisteminde Dönüm Noktası: Kâğıt Para ve Sosyo-Ekonomik Etkileri (Turning Point in the Ottoman Financial System: Banknotes and the Socio-Economic Effects, 1996), Mümin ve Müsrif Bir Padişah Kızı: Refia Sultan (A Believer and the Thrifty Daughter of the Sultan: Refia Sultan, 1998), Osmanlı Dönemi Tahvil ve Hisse Senetleri (Ottoman Shares and Bonds, 2001).