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AKSOY, Yaşar

Writer (b. 1947, İzmir) He attended the Karşıyaka High School, and graduated from İstanbul Technical University (1971) and from Ege University (1976). He worked as a chemical engineer and certificated industrial engineer at state organizations. He was the Chairman of İzmir People’s House and the Hasan Tahsin Society. He has worked as a columnist on the newspaper Demokrat İzmir (1972-1979). He is the General Director of the International İzmir Research Centre and is still working as a lecturer of Revolution History at Dokuz Eylül University.

He is known for his researches on cities. His articles have been published in the newspaper Yeni Asır for which he prepared the art pages, and in reviews such as Dönemeç, Oluşum and Kocatepe and in Küçücük, which he published.


Atatürk ve Kurtuluş Savaşı Şiirleri (Atatürk and Poems on the Independence War , 1979), Anıtkabir Destanı (The Legend of Atatürk’s Mausoleum, 1981), Modern Planlama Teknikleri (Modern Planning Methods, 1982), Halikarnas Kadırgası (Halikarnas Galley, 1984), Bir Kent Bir İnsan (A City, A Human, 1968), Karşıyaka ve Kaf Sin Kaf Tarihi (History of Karşıyaka Kaf Sin Kaf, 1988), Kalpaklı Kalkınma (Development with Calpac, 1998), Ege Kültürü (Aegean Culture, 1999), 5000. Yılında İzmir (İzmir on the 5000th Anniversary, 2000), Aydınlar Kenti İzmir (İzmir the City of Intellectuals, memoirs of Dr. Ziya Somar, 2000), Kato Polemos (Damn the War, 2000), İzmir Şiirleri (İzmir Poems, 2000).