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Writer of children's literature (b. 15 February 1945, Gaziantep). Her full name is Hatice Seza Kutlar Aksoy. She is the sister of the writer Onat Kutlar. She has also used the pen name Seza (Kutlar) Aksoy in her works. She attended the İstanbul High School for Girls (1963). She discontinued her studies at İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of English Language and Literature and worked at the State Planning Organization Translation Office (1968-70). Afterwards she moved to İstanbul. She is a member of the Writers Syndicate of Turkey, the PEN Writers Association, the Association in Support of Contemporary Living and the Association of Writers of Children’s Literature.

She has published her works on children’s literature in reviews such as Kırmızı Fare, Doğan Kardeş and Milliyet Çocuk. She presented children books in the review Virgül in 2003. Her screenplay Memo’nun Serüveni (The Adventure of Memo) was broadcast abroad in ten episodes in the program Türkiye’nin Sesi (The Voice of Turkey) by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation in 2000. A play under the name of Mavi Kuş (Blue Bird) which is adapted from one of her stories was staged by the Tiyatrom Group. She worked at the Children’s Club of the Association in Support of Contemporary Living as an education manager. She won an honorable mention at the Sıtkı Friendship Children’s Stories Competition in 1990 and the grand award at the Red Mouse Short Story Competition in 1992.


CHILDREN’S NOVEL: Arsa (The Building Plot, 1981), Tomurcuk ve Pembe Kedi (The Bud and The Pink Cat, 1996), Tomurcuk ve Pembe Kedi Altın Peşinde (The Bud and the Pink Cat in the Pursuit of Gold, 1999), Akıllı Anka (The Clever Phoenix, 2002), Nun Gelince (When Nun Comes, 2002), Güvercin’in Saati (The Clock of Pigeons, 2003).

CHILDREN’S STORY: Büyülü Bahçe (The Magical Garden, 1993), Küçük Prenses ve Kardelen (The Little Princess and the Snowdrop, 1995), Güneşe Köprü (A Bridge to the Sun, 2003).

PRE-SCHOOL: Uyku Ağacı (The Tree of Sleep, 1996), Nil Soru Soruyor (Nil Asks Questions, 1999).

JUVENILE NOVEL: Aşk Kalır (Love Remains, 2004).