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AKSOY, Ömer Asım

Linguist (b. 1898, Gaziantep – d. 30 October 1993). He completed his primary and elementary education at Antep Secondary School and Gaziantep Commercial High School (1916). Discontinuing his education in medicine, he joined the National Armed Forces. He worked as a teacher and officer for a time. He took part in the defense of Gaziantep and worked as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Halk Dili (1924). After he graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1928, he worked as a prosecutor in Nizip (1928-31), a lawyer in Gaziantep (1931-1955), as a Turkish teacher in Gaziantep High School (1933-35) and Provincial Chairman of the Republican People’s Party in Gaziantep (1931-36). He was the Gaziantep parliamentary deputy between 1935 and 1950. He completed his duty as the General Secretary of the Turkish Language Association in 1976.
He was known for his support for the purification of the Turkish language and works on language and folklore. His articles were published in the review Türk Dili. His life was portrayed in a documentary movie. He was given the title of honorary professorship by Gaziantep University in 1991. He won the Turkish Authors Association Honorary Award in 1993 and the Ministry of Culture Superior Services to Turkish Culture Award in 1993.


STUDY-RESEARCH: İmlâmıza, Sarf ve Nahivimize Dair (On Our Spelling Grammar and Syntax, 1925), Gaziantep Dilinin Tetkiki (Study on Gaziantep Language, 1933), Hasip Dürrî (Hasip Dürri, 1933), Gaziantep’te Eti Eserleri (The Hittite Works in Gaziantep, 1934), Öztürkçe Dersleri (Pure Turkish Language Courses, 1935), Gaziantep Ağzında Sentaks Araştırmaları (Syntax Research in the Dialect of Gaziantep, 1936), Bir Dili Öğrenmek İçin En Lüzumlu Kelimeler (The Most Necessary Words in Order to Learn a Language, 1936), Güneş Dil Teorisi ve III. Türk Dil Kurultayı (The Sun Language Theory and the 3rd Turkish Language Congress, 1937), Aydî Divanı (Divan* of Aydi, 1937), Gaziantep Ağzında Atasözleri (Proverbs in the Dialect of Gaziantep, 1941), Hasırcıoğlu Hafız Mehmet Ağa (Hasircioglu Lord Hafiz Mehmet, 1941), Gaziantep Ağzı (The Dialect of Gaziantep, 3 volumes, 1945-46), Hasan Ayni ve Nazm-ül-Cevahir (Hasan Ayni and Lines of Jewelry, 1959), Mütercim Asım (Translator Asım, 1962), Dil Devriminin 30. Yılı (The 30th Anniversary of the Language Revolution, collaborative work, 1962), Atatürk ve Dil Devrimi (Atatürk and the Language Revolution, 1963), Dil Yanlışları (Mistakes in Language, 1980), Yine Dil Yanlışları (Mistakes in Language Again, 1985).

DICTIONARY-COLLECTION: Deyimler / Takım Sözler / Meşhur Sözler (Idioms / Compound Words / Famous Words, 1940), Örneklerle Tarama Sözlüğü (Digest Dictionary with Examples, collaborative work, 1942), Tanıklarıyla Tarama Sözlüğü (Digest Dictionary with Witnesses, 4 volumes, with D. Dilçin, 1943-57), Söz Derleme Dergisi (Review of Word Collocations, collaborative work, 1952-57), Anayasa Sözlüğü (Dictionary of the Constitution, 1961), Derleme Sözlüğü (Compilation Dictionary, collaborative work, 1963-67), Tarama Sözlüğü (Review Dictionary, collaborative work, 1963-77), Atasözleri ve Deyimler (Proverbs and Idioms, 1965), Yeni Yazım Kılavuzu (The New Spelling Guide, 1970), Ana Yazım Kılavuzu (The Main Spelling Guide, 1987), Atasözleri Sözlüğü (Dictionary of Proverbs, 1971), Deyimler Sözlüğü (Dictionary of Idioms, 1989).

ESSAY: Dil Üzerine Düşünceler Düzeltmeler (Thoughts on Language and Corrections, 1962), Dil Devrimi Üzerine (On the Revolution of Language, 1967), Gelişen ve Özleşen Dilimiz (Our Developing and Purifying Language, 1968), Özleştirme Durdurulamaz (The Purification Cannot Be Stopped, 1969), Dil Gerçeği (The Reality of Language, 1982).

POETRY: İki Damla Gözyaşı (Two Teardrops, 1918).

OTHER: Halkevleri Konuşmaları (Speeches at the People’s Houses, 1938).

MEMOIR: Türkçe Bir Hayat (A Life in Turkish, with the presentation by Emin Özdemir, 1999).